Does We Al-li run public workshops?

Yes we do. The two workshops we run publicly are the Trauma Informed Care and Practice: An Indigenous approach to developing worker skills, and Dadirri – Ancient Aboriginal Mindfulness Traditions.

Check our We Al-li Programs on Facebook for a link to upcoming events.

We also service whole of community and organisations such as the Mental Health Co-ordinating Council who run Public Workshops on our behalf from time to time. If you contact us or them (www.mhcc.org.au) we can let you know dates and location.

Are your workshops accredited?

Griffith University is currently offering our Culturally Informed, Trauma Integrated Healing Approach to care and practice workshop as an accredited and standalone course, or as an elective for several of the University’s other programs.  Within Griffith University it is called Trauma Integrated Practice with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

» 7049 HSV Course Profile

Our other workshops are not accredited, however all of our workshops were approved by academic board at two separate universities when they were part of a Grad Cert/Diploma/Masters.

Can you earn continuing professional education points from doing these workshops?

Yes. We Al-li’s Dadirri workshop has been certified to earn CPE for members of PACFA in the past and we will continue to seek this for our workshops. 

For non-PACFA members, contact your professional association to see how to claim your CPE, and We Al-li will assist you in this if possible.