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The Prun – Managing Conflict

‘Prun’ is an Indigenous word and an Indigenous way to resolve conflict.

This training will help participants develop skills for constructive conflict management in various environments including schools, workplace, family and community.

It is based on the Indigenous group conflict management processes of the Prun and the process work of Arnie Mindell (Sitting in the Fire).


The Prun – Managing Conflict is © Copyright We Al-li 2011-2021

The aim of this workshop is to learn about group conflict and how we can use ways to move through it and past it. When people suffer trauma and hurt, they find it hard to be able to sort out things in a good way and they do it in an angry way. It is easy to be angry and get angry– but harder to tell people how much you hurt, so we get angry instead.

Some of these tools are from what our people use to do in the old days, the past.

In this workshop we will:

1. Understand how anger starts.

2. Understand good anger and not so good anger. What works and what doesn’t when we want to sort things out.

3. Look at how we can sort through issues in a group, in our community.

4. Look at group leadership and eldership when we are trying to sort things out.

5. We will look at ways to get rid of our anger so that we don’t take it out on those we care about, or make us sick inside.

Download the training brief here.

About the artwork:

Hands are representative of a lot of conflict but are also representative of the resolving of conflict. This painting illustrates a structural way to work through conflict. The multiple dot work, displays a sense of trauma and the many issues surrounding conflict within Indigenous communities today. Hands embody conflict and resolution significant in everything is five – the five stages of healing, our five senses all used as a part of the five stages within conflict resolution.

© Artwork and narration by Christopher Edwards- Haines