The Seasonal Cultural Storytelling Global Webinars

Session 5 – Season of Mullet

Thursday 17th of February 2022

The Season of the Mullet is a cooling time with light rains and new growth. This session will talk about the importance of creating cultural safety through deep listening introducing Dadirri and recreating the circle of wellbeing.



6 Seasons Seminar Series

Recreating Song Lines and Healing trails through Indigenous Healing Practices.

Held on the seasonal full moon of each month, will connect people virtually via online webinars from around the world to engage in an innovative, breathtaking and inspiring journey through the Cultural seasons.

Information about the Artwork:

Wild Berry Dreaming was produced by Kahlia Wayne, a Warlpiri artist, through the Kunga Stopping Violence Program of Alice Springs. The story in the artwork expresses Kahlia’s journey back to wellness, through the nurturing healing benefits of the of Wild Berries – Bush Plums.