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Family Violence – Managing Conflict

This workshop is a blend of skill development, personal learning and professional practice. It uses prescribed readings, learning through role-play, group process and discussion to develop increased understanding and skills for use both individually and in community development approaches to violence within families and communities.

It has within it an ecological approach to promoting community participation in addressing issues of violence within families and the community generally, through the development of an action plan to address issues of violence related trauma within families and communities.


Family Violence – Managing Conflict is © Copyright We Al-li 2011-2021

About the artwork:

This painting portrays to me, that even though ‘recovery’ has to be done on a family and community level, it still has to be done on an individual level first. The fragmented pieces I have used illustrate the shattering of families. The spirit symbols in each corner represent the individual journeys and recovery of family members. The centre of this painting shows the family united.

© Artwork and narration by Christopher Edwards- Haines